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friendly, quality ADGA registered Nigerian Dwarf kids


I am really looking forward to this year's crop of kids! We're using three bucks that are bringing in some really beautiful dairy lines, not to mention the silver color gene, which, if you're a color buff like me, is really exciting! We are now accepting reservations for all confirmed pairings. Reservations for unborn kids are free, once they are born, a 50% deposit is required to hold your kid until weaning.


Does and intact bucks will only be available registered through ADGA. Wethers can be registered through AGS for 4H purposes. Prices start at $250 for unregistered/pet/family milker does, and go up to $500 depending on the doe. Bucks will range from $250-500. Wethers are $75 each, or $100 for a pair. All kids will be born naturally polled or they will be disbudded. If you would prefer your kid to be horned, it must be paid in full with a signed contract shortly after birth, as they will be disbudded at 3-5 days old.

Pastures & Pine reserves the right to retain any kid at any time, regardless of reservations.

Once a deposit has been paid, however, that kid is considered sold.

Please feel free to contact us with any questions or reservation requests any time!

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