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What began as an interest in learning the old ways of self sufficiency grew into a passion for making things bloom and grow- for colorful chicken eggs and the happy, free ranging chickens who lay them- for beautiful and friendly dairy goats, and the symbiotic relationship between animal and farmer. 

Hi! I'm Ashleigh, and welcome to Pastures + Pine. What started out as a small garden on the side of our travel trailer has evolved over the last several years into a little four acre outfit in the BEAUTIFUL Bitterroot Valley of southwestern Montana. We are home to one old farm dog, nine resident Nigerian Dwarf dairy goats and their offspring, at least a thousand chickens (not really!), a pair of llamas , Silver Fox Rabbits, a Mammoth Donkey, and a big old paint gelding of questionable origins.

We grow food and flowers in a 3000 square foot garden, and step in chicken poop all day long. But it's cool, because we definitely have the GREENEST lawn around, thanks to those little fertilizers. 


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