Pastures and Pine Myrcella
chocolate bezoar with frosting (horned)
DOB: 5/29/2019     REG: D2064012


Myrcella is the only 2019 doe I retained, and I don't regret it for a minute, even though she was an oops baby, and the result of a brother to sister pairing. In addition to her "love absolutely everybody" personality, she has matured into an absolutely lovely yearling, with length, width, strong bone, clean legs, and a lot of potential in her conformation. I'm enjoying watching her mature, and can't wait to see her first freshening.


Myrcella's dam, Veda's, second freshening udder was very nice and supple, with excellent proportions, a nice medial, and good height. Her teats were on the smaller side, but well placed, with nice, open orifices, which made up for the size of her teats, and I have high hopes for a double helping of udder from her great granddam on both sides, SG Left Foot Farm Sandstorm. 


Kidding History:

2021: buck / doe twins (sired by Bashan Farm Micah)

2022: open

Coyote Kidz Teto

Buckskin with White (Disbudded)

DOB: 04/23/2020     REG: D2091924

What's not to love about Teto? Aside from her "Give me ALL the people!" attitude, she is an absolutely lovely little doeling, showing all the promise in the world. Her sire is *B, her grandsires are *B and +B, her granddams are 6*M and a Superior Genetics 3*M, and her pedigree is chock full of the beautiful herds we love, like Old Mountain Farm, Camanna, Oak Apple and Onaqui. Teto is nice and level, especially for a kid in the awkward stages, long, straight legs, long neck, good brisket and roomy escutcheon. I love what I'm seeing so far, and can't wait to breed her in 2022.

We just adore Teto and are so happy to have brought her into our herd!


Kidding History:

2022: buck twins to Cow Creek Farms Matchao Man

Pastures and Pine Leucothea

Chocolate Buckskin with White

DOB: 6/2/2018     REG: D1990186P

Coco is so very gentle, and one of the sillier girls in my herd. She is feminine and very dairy in structure, with a very nice pedigree backing her up.

A surprise freshening as an 11 month old in 2019 gave us a single buckling, sadly stillborn due to birthing complications. I milked her very minimally to relieve the pressure of her udder and allow her to dry up, but loved what I so briefly saw of her udder. I was on pins and needles waiting for her 2020 kidding, and man, her udder did NOT disappoint. She came in with a ton of milk, a soft udder, large teats that were a breeze to hand milk, and lots of depth, capacity, and a very nice medial. I would love a just a bit more height in the rear, and smoother foreudder attachments, and have bred her for 2021 accordingly. If she is so kind as to give me does, I will definitely be retaining one. 


Kidding History:

2019: single polled buck (Pastures and Pine All Father)

2020: twin bucks (Dancing Lavender Earl Grey)

2021: doe / buck twins (sired by MT Rivendells SSR FergusFraser)

2022: open

Pastures and Pine Rogue Wave

Buckskin with White

DOB: 6/22/2018     REG: D1990188

Edith is shy, but such a sweetheart, and the best mom ever. She's very feminine with a delicate head a long neck, a nice topline, a good brisket, and nice clean legs. Her rump is nice and long, and a little steep, but I've found that steepness tends to change quite a bit over several freshenings. She also has a power packed pedigree with lines from Castle Rock, Left Foot Farm, Old Mountain Farm, Farm OldeSouthe, Blue Star Farms, and more. 

Edith (accidentally) freshened with a gorgeous single buckling as an 11 month old in 2019. Edith has one of my favorite udders in the herd. It's soft and supple, with comfortably size teats and fabulously generous orifices, making her a dream to hand milk. I was desperately hoping for a doeling in 2020, but alas, she gave us triplet bucks in an easy, straightforward kidding. She is bred to Bashan Farm Micah for 2021 kids, and I have my fingers crossed for a doeling again! ​


Kidding History:

2019: single polled buck (Sired by Pastures and Pine All Father)

2020: triplet bucks (Sired by MV MDWS Prince Caspian)

2021: doe / buck / buck / buck quads (Sired by Bashan Farm Micah)

2022: due June 2, bred to Bashan Farm Micah

Pastures and Pine Vedenemo
Buckskin/Bezoar with White
DOB: 7/1/2018     REG: D1990191


Veda is daughter to Taking Dominion Daisy and Anchors Aweigh IM A Sailor Man *B. She has a lovely, long body and fine, straight legs ending in very neat little feet. Veda freshened with twins at 10 months old due to a buck apron failure, so I'm very much looking forward to seeing her first "real" udder in her second freshening. 

Kidding History:

2019: buck/doe twins (Sired by Pastures and Pine All Father)

2020: buck/buck/doe triplets (sired by MV MDWS Prince Caspian)

2021: buck triplets (sired by Dancing Lavender Earl Grey)

2022: open


Krebs MD Baby Ruth
Blue Eyed Cou Clair carrying Black (disbudded)
DOB: 1/17/2019    REG: D2109697

Baby Ruth comes to us via our friends at Cow Creek Farms in Montana. She is so sweet, and must think very deep thoughts, because you can often find her staring off into space with those lovely baby blues. Baby Ruth brings strong bone, and a lot of width, which are things I'm very excited to work into our herd. She comes from some very beautiful, milky lines, and I can't wait to see what she has in store for us with her first kidding in 2021. 

Kidding History:

2021: silver doe / buck / buck triplets to Bashan Farm Micah

2022: open