Welcome! Thanks for stopping by our virtual pasture! Our boys are all around 5 months old as of early November. All have been vaccinated for CD&T and wethered, and will be dewormed prior to leaving us.


Goats bond strongly to the members of their herds, and in an effort to make their transition as easy as possible, these guys are available only in groups of two or more.


We need to find loving homes for these dudes before winter, so rehoming fees are flexible to the right pet home. 


standard buckskin with white (horned)

buck kid born June 8, 2020

unregistered wether $50

I just love this kiddo! He is always coming up for cuddles and lovin' and loves to be carried around from place to place, and just has the sweetest personality. He would make a wonderful pet and companion!

Patchouli aka Patch

buckskin with white and roaning (horned)

buck kid born June 2, 2020

unregistered wether $50

Patch is fluffy and squishy and sweet as can be! I often joke that he's the stuffed animal version of a baby goat! And once you get a load of the adorable little squeak of a voice he has, he'll be absolutely irresistible. 

Periwinkle (Peri)

mahogany buckskin with white (horned)

buck kid born June 2, 2020

unregistered wether $50

Peri is such a cool little dude! He's strong and independent but doesn't have anything against a good cuddle. He would pair well with any of our wether kids.


buckskin with extensive white (horned)

buck kid born June 4, 2020

unregistered wether $50

Hoss is always looking for attention. He is soft and sweet, with a bit of an unruly streak. He is the biggest of a set of triplets, weighing in at 5 lbs 5 oz when he was born, versus his little sister, Mary Jane, who was only 2 lbs 7 oz! 


chocolate buckskin with extensive white (horned)

buck kid born June 4, 2020

unregistered wether $50

I am quickly falling in love with Dozer! He loves attention, is full of spunk and so fun to watch. He was quite a bit smaller than his giant brother when he was born, but has wasted no time catching up! 


buckskin/chamoise combo with white and roaning (horned)

buck kid born May 26, 2020

unregistered wether $50

Basil is a little more reserved than most of our kids, but that doesn't mean he doesn't enjoy attention. Basil has some of my favorite coloring of this year's kids, and in some lights, he even looks purple! He would make an awesome companion for any of our other wether kids.


bezoar with white (horned)

buck kid born May 30, 2020

unregistered wether $50

Theon was the first super friendly baby born this year. He loves cuddles and has a thing for shoelaces. He always pushes to the front of the pack and climbs up for attention when we go out to the pasture.

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