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Sweet goaties lookin' for Love

Hello friends! Due to a series of rapid changes in our living situation,

our entire herd is regrettably now available for sale.


Below, you will find our available wethers, and our does and bucks are all listed on their respective pages. If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to get in touch with me at!  

Mushu, Ramen, Chip & Pita
available in pairs or as a group ONLY
pairs $100 / all four $120

These little wethers are just the CUTEST! They are all sweet as can possibly be. They love cuddles and kisses and being carried around like they're still teeny tiny. All four boys are about a year old, with horns intact.


These sweetums are available in pairs or as a group of four, and are steeply discounted to the warm heart that wants to take them all together. As pets go, these guys will give you all the goaty love you could ask for!

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