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Hildie a.k.a. Taking Dominion Daisy

chamoisee / buckskin with white

DOB: 9/21/2015     REG: D1922437 

*available early July with kids at her side - $300* 

Hildie is double registered AGS and ADGA. She has some old school herds in her pedigree, including Pecan Hollow and TX Twincreeks, and overall has pretty solid conformation. She is easy to milk, with average sized teats and orifices, and she has the very best temperament on the stand, and has since a first freshener. As show goats go, she doesn't have the most impressive udder, but I think she's absolutely perfect for a small homestead dairy goat. She is sweet as can be with people, and she's never even knocked us with a horn by accident (which is more than I can say for some goats half her age), but she rules the herd by sheer force, which is, ultimately why I am looking for a new situation for her.


Hildie LOVES her kids and will let them walk all over her (literally and figuratively) even as adults; however, she's become overly aggressive with the rest of the herd, so I would like to see her go to a small homestead that just wants to keep a couple of goats, where she can peacefully rule her family as queen bee, instead of queen B****, if you catch my drift. ;-) 


Hildie will be available after kidding with her 2021 kids by MT Rivendells SSR FergusFraser at her side, per special agreement. If interested, please inquire for details. 

Kidding History:

2017: Buck / Doe twins (Redeeming Grace Sphen)

2018: Buck / Doe twins (Anchors Aweigh IM A Sailor Man *B)

2019: Buck / Buck / Doe Triplets (Dancing Lavender Earl Grey)

2020: Buck Twins (Anchors Aweigh IM A Sailor Man *B)

2021: bred to MT Rivendells SSR FergusFraser

Pastures and Pine Vedenemo

Buckskin/Bezoar with White

DOB: 7/1/2018     REG: D1990191

*tentatively available to the right home*

I haven't quite decided yet whether I want to part with Veda or not. Currently, I'm not in love with her behavior in the herd dynamic (and with so much going on, I find myself leaning towards a more pared down, quieter herd), but I do very much like her conformation (her length, her straight legs, long neck, deep brisket and rear leg angulation especially), and her udder is showing many of the improvements I've been working towards in my herd, including capacity, width, rear udder height, and lateral attachments. Her teat size could be improved upon as well as the blending of her fore udder and her medial suspensory ligament, but over all, I'm very pleased with what I saw with her second freshening udder. She fed triplets as a 2F in 2020 with total ease. Even her tiny girl was fat and happy. She's sweet as pie, and a wonderful mama, and I am rather attached to her.


I may let her go into a special situation with a contract for first pick of a doe kid from her next kidding or (or the subsequent one) but at this point, the right situation would have to present itself.

Kidding History:

2019: buck/doe twins (Pastures and Pine All Father)

2020: buck/buck/doe triplets (MV MDWS Prince Caspian)

2021: bred to Dancing Lavender Earl Grey 

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