Sweet goaties lookin' for Love

I am looking for a very special home for Myrcella, Veda and Mirin. Due to how strongly they are bonded, I want to send all three girls together. These girls are all beautiful does who would be an absolute pleasure to add to your herd.


If a home is found for them soon, Veda will come in milk. She's currently only being pulled at night and giving about 16 oz a day. She can milk much, much more, but due to a very ill timed move, I was unable to really keep my does in milk this year. Myrcella is technically in milk, but  I have been unable to separate Mirin to wean her, so I would consider Myrcella to be dry for all intents and purposes. Mirin is a sweet little rogue- always interested when treats are around, and loves scratches, but not a cuddler like her mother. Both Myrcella and Veda were my easiest, most straightforward kiddings this year.


Each of these girls came into the world straight into my hands, and if circumstances were different, I would absolutely keep them all, but we've come to some difficult decisions, and though it breaks my heart, these ladies are now available at a steeply discounted price (through no fault of their own) to help ensure they go to their new home together. 

(Click their underlined names above for specifics about each doe and their kidding histories)

Mushu, Nacho, Chip & Pita
available in pairs or as a group ONLY
pairs $100 / all four $120

These little wethers are just the CUTEST! They are all sweet as can possibly be. They love cuddles and kisses and being carried around like they're still teeny tiny. Mushu and Chip are slightly more independent, while Pita and Nacho are always under foot. All four boys are 11-12 weeks old and ready to leave mama. They do have their horns (and no, you cannot remove them at this point).


These sweetums are available in pairs or as a group of four, and are steeply discounted to the warm heart that wants to take them all together. As pets go, these guys will give you all the goaty love you could ask for!

Dancing Lavender Earl Grey
disbudded swiss (carrying black) buck

What can I say about Earl? He's a character! Sweet and gentle, with a bit of an ornery streak, Earl is ALLLL buck with the blubber to prove it. He has a gorgeous pedigree, and if we weren't keeping his son, he could stay on here. Sadly, we've had to make some steep cuts with our bucks, as we have with our does, so he is looking for love with another herd.

Earl's pedigree is loaded with flash, including Old Mountain Black Tulip, Proctor Hill, Castle Rock and Promisedland, just to name a few. He is swiss marked and has a beautiful, long body, nice and uphill, with straight legs, and lovely dairy quality, and he throws GORGEOUS babies. He also loves his ladies, and would love to live in with them, but is just as happy with the boys. This is your chance to get an excellent buck at a super low price.

(ADGA Pedigree