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Dry, itchy skin getting you down? Adding a little goat's milk and oatmeal to your shower routine could be just the thing you need! Absolutely chock full of finely ground whole oats and goat's milk, our GOAT + OAT bars are ultra soothing and gentle, and with no added fragrance or colorant, they're perfect for ultra sensitive skin. Crafted with one of my absolute favorite recipes, these coconut oil and goat's milk bars will give you an ultra thick, ultra decadent lather that feels like total luxury. 


Adding goats milk to our bars not only imparts an added level of creaminess to the soap, it is also rich in vitamins, minerals, and alpha hydroxy (in the form of naturally occuring lactic acid)- a combination that renews and revitalizes your skin while you wash.


Soap is free of labels and plastic packaging and shipped in compostable packing materials. 

soothing GOAT + OATS soap

Out of Stock
  • Each bar is hand cut and weighs approximately 4-5 ounces. 

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