Our chickens are fed a balanced diet of crumble feed, scratch grains, bugs and grass as they wander freely over several acres, on herbicide and pesticide free lawn and pasture. They are happy and healthy, and I've been told they lay the best tasting eggs my customers have ever tasted!


We have a large variety of different breeds (because what's the fun in having all samesies?) so egg sizes will range from medium all the way up to jumbo, but a carton will more or less average out to size L/XL eggs.





1 dozen $4 each

2 dozen $7 each

3 dozen or more $3 each


Return our stamped Pastures and Pine egg cartons in usable condition for 25¢ credit per carton. If you pay online, carton credit will be given as cash, in person. 



Local pick up only, pick up date based on availibility. 

Local Farm Fresh Eggs