Get FOUR of our original soaps for only $12! These beautiful soaps have cured for six months or more, making them an even more amazing, longer lasting and super gentle bar. Most are very lightly scented, some are unscented. Bars weigh approximately 3.5 - 4 oz. each. Soaps may or may not be labeled and may or may not have soda ash on the outside. Soda ash is a white powder on the outside of bar. It is harmless byproduct of the saponification process and will rinse away with your first use. (Please note, this is a surprise grab bag, and we cannot accommodate special requests.)


You may receive any mix of the following soaps:


Unscented/uncolored Hibiscus Milk Tea

Charcoal Reboot


Poppyseed Muffin


Pure Bliss

Rosa (black + white striped)



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