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Here you'll find a list of the beloved goats who have contributed to our herd but are no longer with us here at Pastures & Pine.f you have any questions about any of the animals included here, please don't hesitate to get in touch!

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Check back soon for updated information on MV MDWS Prince Caspian and Pastures and Pine Allfather.

Taking Dominion Daisy
chamoisee / buckskin with white
DOB: 9/21/2015     REG: D1922437
sold July 2021

Taking Dominion Daisy a.k.a. Hildie is double registered AGS and ADGA, daughter to LivinDreamRanch Galileo and RedeemingGrace Trixie with a dash of Dill's, Pecan Hollow and Twincreeks in her pedigree (view pedigree here). Hildie is a easy to milk, with average sized teats and orifices, and an excellent temperament on the stand. She is sweet as can be with people but rules the herd with an iron fist.


Hildie will be available after kidding with her 2021 kids by MT Rivendells SSR FergusFraser at her side, per special agreement. If interested, please inquire for details. 

Kidding History:

2017: Buck / Doe twins (Redeeming Grace Sphen)

2018: Buck / Doe twins (Anchors Aweigh IM A Sailor Man *B)

2019: Buck / Buck / Doe Triplets (Dancing Lavender Earl Grey)

2020: Buck Twins (Anchors Aweigh IM A Sailor Man *B)

2021: Buck / Doe twins (Montana Rivendells SSR FergusFraser)

MelodySprings R Juno

Cou Clair / Buckskin with White

DOB: 5/26/2016     REG: D1914327

sold January 2021

Little Juno is such a joy. She is sweet as pie and every single kid she throws is just as sweet as she is. She is a delicate doe, with a beautiful topline, straight legs, compact feet, and a delicate, feminine head. Juno has a soft, capacious udder. Her pedigree is packed with respected herds like Farm Oldesouth, Blue Star Farms, and Camanna, with Rosasharn GX Udiamond as a great granddam and multiple National Champions, amazing LA scores and milking stars. (ADGA Pedigree

Juno delivered two beautiful polled does by Anchors Aweigh IM A Sailor Man in 2018 and polled buck, polled doe, horned wether triplets in 2019. Juno and Hank produce absolutely beautiful kids, that I've repeated this breeding for the third time for 2020.

Kidding History:

2018: polled doe twins (Anchors Aweigh IM A Sailor Man *B)

2019: P buck/H buck/ P doe triplets (Anchors Aweigh IM A Sailor Man *B)

2020: P buck/P doe/ H doe triplets (Anchors Aweigh IM A Sailor Man *B)

2021: sold open

MelodySprings R Penny Lane

buckskin with extensive white

DOB: 5/1/2016     REG: D1914328

sold January 2021

Miss Penny Lane is out of some impressive Oldsouthe Farms lines, with milking superstar, Rosasharn GX Udiamond as a great granddam. Her pedigree also features Promisedland, Castle Rock and Twincreeks. She is flashy pinto buckskin, with a heart of gold. She is the sweetest goat in our herd, and lets all the babies practice their head butting on her. (ADGA Pedigree) Penny gives an easy 2 lbs on a once a day milking on a standard diet. Her teats aren't large, and they point further out than I would like, but they have good size orifices and her STRONG medial ligaments make her udder a very comfortable shape to hand milk. Penny's 2018 doe, Rogue Wave (sired by Anchors Aweigh IM A Sailor Man *B) freshened with a lovely, well shaped udder with nice teats and exceptional, large orifices that made her extremely easy to milk.

Penny freshened in 2018 with lovely twin doelings (PAP Nada Surf and PAP Rogue Wave) with Anchors Aweigh IM A Sailor Man *B, and a gorgeous polled buckling (PAP On the Rocks) in 2019 with Pastures and Pine AllFather. 

Kidding History:

2018: Doe twins (Anchors Aweigh IM A Sailor Man *B)

2019: Single polled buck (Pastures and Pine Allfather)

2020: H buck/ H buck/ P doe triplets (MV MDWS Prince Caspian)

2021: Single polled doe (Anchors Aweigh IM A Sailor Man *B)